So who is Bass and why does he talk Mass?

Adam Bass is a senior at Wheaton College in Norton Massachusetts as well as the General Manager and Chief Political correspondent of 96.5 WCCS Wheaton College Radio. With a Major in American History and A Double Minor in Political Science and Legal studies, Adam has not only helped the station grow in members and programming but also has spearheaded the political reporting department of WCCS, helping it gain name recognition in and outside of the State.

Adam has covered the 2018 midterm elections, the 2020 primaries, and even a presidential campaign in Nashua New Hampshire, interviewing voters alongside other big networks such as CNN and NBC.

Now Adam has a new area for political reporting: Massachusetts Politics and Elections. Starting from an interview with the Norton Town Clerk, he has pushed onward into the world of Bay State political races, history, and news stories. He is currently covering the Massachusetts Senate Primary Race between Ed Markey and Joe Kennedy III, as well as extensive reporting on the 4th Congressional District Primary, in which he is interviewing all the candidates in the field for WCCS.

“Bass Talks Mass” is Adam’s “mothership” for Massachusetts Politics and Election News. Here you can find the namesake weekly news update every Friday, interviews with political figures in the commonwealth, political maps detailing the political history of Massachusetts, and his political podcast, “The Cod Cabin” where he and his co-hosts discuss about the bay state with occasional guests.

So, in the words of Adam himself, "lets get ready to "talk Mass."

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