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4th District Profiles: Becky Grossman

A MOTHER ON A MISSION. That is what Newton City Councilwoman Becky Grossman would probably tell you if you asked her what she would describe her campaign in a statement. Grossman has been making inroads in the 4th congressional district primary, a race with nine Democrats trying to fill in the vacant seat of Joe Kennedy III, who has chosen to relinquish his position to challenge Senator Ed Markey. Grossman, who ran for City Council right after the election of President Donald Trump, has sought to make her role as an American mother a centerpiece of her political career, advocating for stronger gun restrictions to prevent mass school shootings, and universal pre-k and childcare. In an interview with WCCS Wheaton College Radio, Grossman noted that, "out of the 435 members of congress, we only have 25 who are mothers of school age children. I think that's a voice that is missing and needed."

Even though she hails from the northern part of the 4th district, Grossman has been making connections within the Fall River area, gaining endorsements from elected officials and supporting projects such as the South Coast Rail that are beneficial to the region. Fall River Representative Alan Silvia noted in his endorsement that, "During these troubling times, it’s important to support a smart, logical leader like Becky who will fight for good jobs and affordable healthcare in Fall River and the South Coast." Endorsements in the southern area of the district are important to any of the nine candidates as they expect the results from Newton and Brookline to be tight, so gaining any advantage in the Fall River region helps their chances tremendously. Of course elected officials are not the only reason Grossman is a strong candidate. The city councilwoman was also endorsed by the Professional Fire Fighters of Massachusetts union 1 month ago, signaling a strong support from union groups. This group also endorsed Joe Kennedy III in the Senate Primary and is considered by many to be one of the most influential unions not only in the district, but in the state.

To me however, what I think Grossman's greatest strength is her ability to bring a range of broad support from voters in the primary. While many candidates try to forge their own lane by appealing to certain areas with certain policies, or others try to "out progressive" each other, Grossman has seemed to find a balance when trying to make appeals to potential voters. This can range from support of a complete phasing out of Fossil Fuels, to support of passing the CARE act to combat opioid addiction, to demilitarizing the police and creating review boards, it seems that Grossman has the willingness to participate in any discussion that voters wish to talk about. She has even managed to bring those who support Senator Markey and Joe Kennedy III together to help her campaign, despite the bitter rivalry in the Senate Primary. Now thats impressive.

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