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4th District Profiles: Ben Sigel

Mensch: The Yiddish word to describe someone with integrity or honor. That would be the best way people have described Mr. Ben Sigel, a candidate running in Massachusetts's 4th congressional district, and if his campaign is any indication, I would have to agree.

A lawyer, activist, and a father, Mr. Sigel has ran a campaign fighting for social justice. He takes pride in his Jewish and Latinx roots, believing that the 4th district is ready for a diverse congressman and a diverse platform. "We were the first campaign to come out against anti-semitism and racism" Mr. Sigel said in an interview to WCCS Wheaton College Radio, when asked about what separates his campaign from others. The campaign has made this idea of fighting for "21st century beliefs" a hallmark in their approach, bringing together people through the idea of equity and justice that needs to be better represented in the United States.

Sigel, in his own words, sees himself as a bridge builder candidate, ready to make the transition from one idea to another. For example, while he does support a public option platform, Sigel states that the process needs time to develop and transition. The same can be said about his stance on the Green New Deal, as he wishes for a green economy to be the corner stone of the process and slowly transition so that it does not get messy in one fell swoop. Regardless, Sigel does see himself and his policies as progressive, as he wishes for deep change within the district.

Sigel was also one of the very first candidates to coin a term for his campaign, "We The Fourth." Before Jesse Mermell's, "Mermentum" or Chris Zannetos's, "tour the fourth", Sigel has been using this slogan as a call for bringing a community together. From his website: "I can’t do it alone. We are running an open, welcoming, inclusive campaign because we are tired of being divided by this administration, because we want to push for real lasting change, and because We the 4th are stronger together." And thats Sigel's biggest strength, his pride in community, and in a country where partisanship and polarization run rampant, that may be what the 4th district needs.

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