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4th District Profiles: Chris Zannetos

The idea of electing someone who is of the business world might not sit easy with Democrats. After all, with the election of Donald Trump in 2016, many voters who skew left or center left might be hesitant to put someone without any political experience in charge of public office. However, after the Presidential run of entrepreneur Andrew Yang, some have become more open to the ideas of "business based politicians", even if they are not the first choice of voters.

Such is the case with Chris Zannetos.

Born of Greek descent, Zannetos is a tech entrepreneur who has funded three companies and has found success in creating jobs within the Bay State region. This focus on job creation and economics separates him from the rest of the field. While the eight other Democratic candidates place social issues such as a Green New Deal and police funding as priorities, Zannetos has focused on turning these social issues into fiscal issues, and how they can change personal economies within the district. Zannetos has stated that, "clean energy is the future investment" and that Massachusetts could very well be the economic leader in wind based power. It is this focus on intersecting fiscal issues with social issues that makes him such a unique candidate, as it could persuade voters in the southern area of the district focused more on said fiscal issues.

One aspect of Zannetos's campaign that is different from the others is his, "Tour the Fourth" series. The "Tour the Fourth" is a series where Zannetos travels by bike to the 34 towns and cities within the district and interacts with businesses and individuals who's lives have been personally effected by COVID-19. As traditional campaigning and canvassing have become difficult due to the dangers of the virus, candidates have been trying to find different ways to talk directly to voters in a safe way. Zannetos does make a serious effort to do so even in these challenging times by creating a fun yet innovative way of campaigning.

The biggest challenge that Zannetos faces is the issue of name recognition. In a field with eight other candidates, some who have been in public office for quite some time, it can be difficult to present yourself as the best candidate to represent this district. Still, due to the amounts of undecided voters still in this race, Chris Zannetos may have a good chance. And if he does win, he might have to do a victory tour on his bike again.

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