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4th District Profiles: Dave Cavell

"Ready Day One." That is the slogan of the campaign of David F. Cavell, a campaign promising to bring a drastic change to the Fourth Congressional District of Massachusetts. A Brookline native, Cavell has ran on progressive policies from the Green New Deal and Medicare for All to energize Democratic voters, as well on other issues that appeal to 4th district voters.

One of these policies that Cavell has touted is "The Blue New Deal." "The Blue New Deal", or BND for short, promotes ocean conservation to improve the environment as well as help economies and businesses that rely on areas with water, such as New Bedford and Fall River's fishing communities. The proposed plan, touted by Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, is seen by many as having a positive effect on towns and cities located by oceans and shorelines, though it is not talked about as much as the Green New Deal. Still, Cavell has been one of the few candidates in the race willing to go into detail and discuss the plan.

Unlike other candidates such as Jake Auchincloss and Becky Grossman, Cavell has not held a public office. That being said, the man is far from inexperienced. A former alumni of Attorney General Maura Healy and former speechwriter for President Barack Obama, Cavell has made his mark in the political world by being behind the scenes, from formulating arguments for supporting the Affordable Care Act to taking on several cases with Healy against the Trump Administration. Some might say however, that being someone who is not up and front on the political scenes is simply not enough. Auchincloss, a political rival of Cavell's has said that, "Dave is a good speechwriter, but experience comes first." Despite that claim however, it seems hard to say if Cavell is truly inexperienced. Holding a public office is impressive, yes, but many have said that the work you do behind the scenes is just as if not even more impressive.

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