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4th District Profiles: Ihssane Leckey

With the rise of politicians such as Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasta-Cortez, and Rashida Talib, "Democratic Socialists" have been running in races hoping to gain influence within the halls of Congress. In the 4th congressional district, one seeks to win Joe Kennedy III's vacant seat. Wall Street Regulator Ihssane Leckey was one of the first candidates to run in Kennedy's district, originally planning to primary the congressman before he announced his Senate candidacy. The task seemed daunting with Kennedy as the incumbent, but now with the seat being vacant, Leckey has a slightly better chance.

Leckey has structured her campaign on "big change to the Washington system," running as the only woman of color in the nine way race. With MA04 being predominately white, electing Leckey would be a shakeup in the district's history. But being a woman of color is only a part of her campaign. As a Wall Street Regulator, Leckey has been fighting what she calls, "corrupt companies" throughout her life, and has passionately called for sweeping progressive legislation such as Medicare for All, and the Green New Deal, just like her fellow candidates in the race. Unlike her rivals, Leckey takes a more aggressive stance on these issues, saying that it is needed to cause a revolution in the system instead of just change itself.

Despite being a promising candidate for many far left wing voters, Leckey has faced scrutiny over the past few months. She recently deposited $700,000 into her own campaign without clarifying that it was her own money, making many voters believe that there was actual momentum in the sudden surge of Q2 fundraising. In her defense, Leckey noted to WCCS Wheaton College Radio that, "I had to do what I had to do in order to advance our movement." This was seen as hypocritical by many progressive voters who said that Leckey was not actually building a movement, but instead just running the machine herself. Still, Leckey has created a lane for herself to rival her opponents, though it remains to be seen if the district will shift that far left on September 1st.

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