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4th District Profiles: Natalia Linos

For someone who entered the race at a very late time, it is surprising that Dr. Natalia Linos has managed to gain such a following. Or maybe it isn't? Linos, an epidemiologist and a mother of twins and a seven year old has made some noise in the race to replace Joe Kennedy III in the fourth congressional district primary by bringing her experience in the field of infectious diseases to the forefront of the election. ”Science first.” Linos has stated in an interview for WCCS Wheaton College radio, when asked what her priority for the district would be. In an age of a pandemic upending the norms of society, it is logical for an epidemiologist to talk about this event in campaigning.

But Linos isn’t just using this as a method of helping her election-wise, she really means it. He career, which spans from working at Harvard’s, FXB Center for Health and Human Rights and the United Nations, has been chock full of experience regarding infectious diseases and the effects they have on different communities. Specifically, in how they effect equity. Linos notes that despite many communities having the ability to take the adequate steps to prevent COVID-19, some, such as Native Americans do not have those luxuries such as water to wash their hands, or in Black communities where PPE is hard to locate and access.

The ability to tie social issues to something that all humans face is the heart and soul of Linos’s work and campaign. She goes beyond simply saying that she supports Medicare for All and the Green New Deal and brings the science behind why they can be helpful for communities, again tying back to her roots as an epidemiologist. She also isn’t afraid to discuss other hard conversations such as police reform. While Linos has called for efforts to “defund the police” she notes that it is more important to focus on what needs actual funding for situations that, as she says, ”the public safety was not established to handle such as homelessness and mental health.”

Out of all of that however, the thing that has made Linos a surprise for many Massachusetts political watchers is her momentum. While many still do consider her a dark horse, the fact that she was able to make a lane for herself in a crowded field of nine Democrats is a big deal. Defiantly something to keep an eye out for on September 1st.

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