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Bass Talks Mass August 8th 2020

Hello everyone and welcome back to "Bass Talks Mass." After much consideration I have decided to move the daily newsletter from Friday to Saturday as so much can happen on a Friday night in Bay State politics. Again, this is all quite new so I hope you will stick around and keep reading.

So with that being said, "Lets Talk Mass"


On Friday August 7th, The Daily Collegian broke a story that Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse had been disavowed by the College Democrats of Massachusetts due to allegations that the Mayor had inappropriate sexual relations with college students during congressional campaign. Morse, a Justice Democrat who was seen as the hopeful to take down Congressman Richard Neal in the 1st District of Massachusetts, has now been banned from events with the College Democrats and could very well be unendorsed by groups such as MoveOn and the Working Families Party, who endorsed the mayor this week. In a statement, Morse says, “I want to be clear that every relationship I’ve had has been consensual. However, I also recognize that I have to be cognizant of my position of power.” “Navigating life as both a young gay man and an elected official can be difficult, but that doesn’t excuse poor judgment.” Many have found that Morse's apology was not sincere and that his actions were so horrid that he should drop out. Jay Abdella, the Vice President of Clark University Dems reached out to Bass Talks Mass to release the following statement. "The allegations coming from the Daily Collegiate are disturbing. No matter what his intent was, Alex Morse needs to issue a direct apology to any students affected by his actions, and remove himself from the Massachusetts 1st congressional Democratic primary." It is unclear wether Morse will drop out of the Primary or if his opponent, Richard Neal will make a statement regarding these accusations.


1: Congressman Joe Kennedy III has a brand new Super PAC on his side to help him get through the final month of the Massachusetts Senate Race. The Super PAC, named "New Leadership PAC" is placing airtime for ads in Springfield, Boston and Providence through August 10th to September 1st, The Boston Globe reported on Monday. The ad that would be released is a 30 second ad that calls for new, energetic leadership for the Senate, without directly attacking incumbent Senator Ed Markey. Full article can be found here.

2: Senator Ed Markey, in a direct attack on Joe Kennedy III released a video on Monday with the implication that congressman Kennedy does not fully support Medicare for All by using past clips. It should be noted, by Ted Nesi of WPRI 12, "he long said he was open to concept of single-payer. As late as Dec 2018 cited concerns about M4A bills (abortion, small hospitals), but he signed onto Pramilla Jaypal's revised M4A bill in Feb 2019" So while Kennedy did not support Senator Bernie Sanders's M4A bill that Markey did in 2017, he DOES support a M4A bill, but in the House of Representatives.


1: On Monday, Lawyer and Candidate running for the 4th district, Ben Sigel received a national endorsement from Rhode Island's Secretary of State, Nellie Gorbea. Gorbea, one of the first Latinx elected officials in New England, said that, “Our country is facing a tough road ahead as we look to rebuild our economy and our sense of community. Ben is a community leader that personally understands the richness of diversity, has fought for making our nation a “more perfect union” and has a vision for getting us there as a member of Congress.” Sigel, in a comment to WCCS on the matter, said that, “I am deeply honored to receive the endorsement today of Rhode Island Secretary of State Nellie Gorbea. Secretary of State Gorbea was the 1st Latinx elected to statewide office in New England. She is a staunch defender of voting rights, women’s rights, the Latino community, human rights and much more. She also understands that it is time we elect a diverse leader in the 4th District who truly understands the diverse perspectives in our community. I am proud to be that leader.”

2: Sigel is not the only candidate to receive an endorsement on August 3rd, as former Brookline select board member Jesse Mermell received a plethora of endorsements from the International Painters and Allied Trade District Council 35, as well as 12 additional local leaders ranging from Norton to Brookline. Two noticeable endorsements for Mermell were from Democratic State Committee member Prena Jagadeesh of North Attleboro and Easton Democratic town Committee member Andrew Abramson of Easton.

3: On Wednesday, Mermell, along with Newton City Councilor Becky Grossman and CityYear CEO and cofounder all received big endorsements. Mermell was endorsed by NARAL, one of the largest pro choice organizations in the country. Grossman was endorsed by State Senate Majority Leader Cindy Creem. Creem, in a statement said that, "We need Becky’s talent and voice in Congress during this moment of crisis, and I’m proud to endorse her campaign.

4: Khazei meanwhile was endorsed by Michael Bennet, U.S Senator from Colorado and former 2020 Presidential Candidate. Bennet is the second 2020 candidate to throw his endorsement in the race, with Julian Castro of Texas endorsing Becky Grossman last week. "Alan started City Year which later became the model for AmeriCorps. He believes service can unite, heal our country and tackle pressing challenges. I can’t think of anyone with better experience for this moment or a stronger commitment to social justice than Alan."— Senator Bennet

5: On Monday, Newton City Councilman Jake Auchincloss released a statement regarding his past comments made on Facebook regarding an islamic rally of an American flag burning. The Facebook statement, asked the question, "So we can't burn their book, but they can bur our flag?" The book Auchincloss referred to was the Quran. In a statement to WPRI, Auchincloss noted that, “I’ve gotten this wrong, years ago, in tone-deaf social media posts that could cause offense to Indigenous and Muslim communities. I’m sorry for these comments — I regret them, and I’ve learned from them.” The Boston Globe, who endorsed Auchincloss, has come under fire due to these statements, and is planning to look at Auchincloss's record next week.

6: On Thursday, tech Entrepreneur Chris Zannetos released his first ad in the race. In the ad, Zannetos remarks that, "Id Never thought I'd run for office, but congress is broken and it will take different kinds of leaders of leaders to fix it. I'm the only Democrat running in MA04 who has created hundreds of good paying jobs." The ad, "Lead by Example" can be found here.

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